• Corrosion free technology does not require the removal of pre-existing rust, as Corrosion free penetrates through the rust and stops the corrosion process.

• Solid protection against rust and corrosion.
• Prevents the start of corrosion in seams and crevices – maintains structural integrity of metals.
• Removes and displaces moisture in hidden cavities including salty water.
• Protects the underside, fuel and brake lines.
• Absorbs and neutralizes existing rust.
• Penetrates deeply into the rust layer and lubricates.
• Stops electrolysis between dissimilar metals.
• Protects rubber and plastic from UV damage.
• Non-flammable as a liquid, non-conductive, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, solvent-free, contains no odours or toxic fumes.
• Not a sealant – will not trap moisture on the metal.
• Clean, transparent, invisible, no sticky residue.
• "Formula3000" has the ability to stay on the metal even after washing under high pressure.
• "Formula3000" has polar conductivity, it is attracted to metal. See in detail polar conduction100
• The service life of the protective layer against rust after treatment is 18 (36)* months. See in detail*.
• Does not trickle down after treatment.
• Can be applied even on wet surfaces.
• Does not create an oily steam cloud during treatment.
•Corrosion Free ™ is recognized by an independent organization (may want to mention the organization) as the best anticorrosion agent.

Why is Corrosion Free ™ the best anticorrosion agent?

Do not take our word for it!

Read the Defence research and development report, prepared by the Canadian Government. doc1

Review of corrosion control and research programs for army vehicles.
Original link to  “The Defence Research and Development of Canada”