• Purpose of Corrosion Free™?

Corrosion Free Formula 3000 is an inhibitor with additives that allows you to stop the rust, and to protect unprotected metal and metal structures against corrosion.

  • §What is the peculiar feature of Corrosion FREE?

Formula 3000 with CSC850 is a pure, clear, drop-free, solvent-free, odourless, non-toxic, super-oil-free metal conditioner with creeping and penetrating properties – all in one formula. It’s not a sealant that traps moisture, or an oil spray that destroys rubber, damages plastic, and tends to be dirty and wet. Corrosion FREE contains active moisture displacers that last up to 18 months. Since it is clean and transparent, you can see it while retaining the original "factory-new" appearance. It does not dry out, does not break off and does not peel off, and its lubricating properties are preserved indefinitely.

  • Do stains form after Corrosion Free™ Formula 3000 treatment?

No, Corrosion Free Formula 3000 does not drip from treated surfaces. But it migrates freely on the treated surface, penetrating into the smallest cracks and cavities, thereby pushing out moisture.

  • How does Corrosion Free™ Formula 3000 work on rust?

Getting on the rust, the agent penetrates through the rust and forms a protective barrier on the metal under the rust. Provided there’s some metal underneath the rust.

  • When is the best time to perform treatment?

Our summer, autumn, spring and winter have frequent temperature changes and high humidity, which leads to the formation of condensate on the metal, when the resulting moisture penetrates the unprotected parts of the vehicle and leads to corrosion. If your vehicle is not protected, the best time to carry out treatment is now.

  • How often should the treatment be done?

To ensure the protection of the vehicle, it is important to carry out treatment with Corrosion Free Formula 3000 inhibitor – for bottom every 18 months, and for internal cavities of the car every 36 months. Just as with engine maintenance, change the oil on time. The treatment should be carried out completely, and not just “zap” or check the condition. This is especially important because aggressive chemicals are used in the modern treatment of icy roads. Regular treatment with Corrosion Free Formula 3000 helps to protect the car not only from moisture, but also from aggressive road chemistry. 

  • Is it possible to perform the treatment if the car is wet

Of course, it is possible. Since Corrosion FREE Formula 3000 has the property of pushing water out, it can be applied in wet weather. Actually, water accelerates the creeping properties of the Corrosion FREE Formula 3000 because it moves quickly over wet surfaces to attack and expel moisture in tight seams and hard-to-reach places. At the same time, Corrosion FREE Formula 3000 does not run off the treated surface with water.

  • How do you prepare the underside of the car before treatment?

Before treatment, we make sure to wash the bottom and wheel arches of the car. Since the accumulated dirt does not allow high-quality processing. Of course, if the car is brand-new, washing is not required, and the owner of the car receives a 20% discount on treatment.

  • How soon can I wash my car?

You can wash your car immediately after treatment. Unlike other anti-corrosion treatment methods, Corrosion FREE does not retain moisture, it literally pushes it out, leaving behind a lubricating inhibitory film to fight corrosion.

  • Does Corrosion FREE have smell? Is Corrosion FREE toxic? Is Corrosion FREE fire hazardous?

The answer is NO to all three questions. Corrosion FREE Formula 3000 was designed with the environment in mind. It has no smell. This is a product that is not subject to the TSCA and is not controlled by WHMIS as it presents no health hazard and is not flammable.

  • What is Corrosion FREE made of?

Numerous highly purified chemicals are used to create the Corrosion FREE formula. The special additive CSC850 is unique to Corrosion FREE and gives it the ability to protect, crawl, penetrate and not to drip. Formula 3000 with CSC850 is our “secret weapon against corrosion”.