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CAR ENGINE WASHING*Engine washing €. Prices from
Top engine washing, Cars up to 3,5t ** (20 minutes)***20€
Engine washing bottom, Cars up to 3,5t ** (40 minutes)***40€
Dismantling / installation plastic protection. / Washing plastic protection. (15/15/10 minutes)***5€ / 5€ / 5€
Top engine washing, Cars over 3,5t **(30 minutes)***60€
Engine washing bottom, Cars over 3,5t ** (60 minutes)***120€

*  +50% if the vehicle has snow or ice build-up or heavy pollution.

** NB! Under the responsibility of the client! The administration is not responsible for the operation of the engine after washing.

*** Exceeding the specified time is charged at the rate of 15min/10€.